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I lie somewhere between slumber and awake and the muffled sounds of my heart ready themselves for the day in a chorus of shower water rushing and pulsing, belt buckles clicking, bristles through tangles, unintentional boot stomps, for they are simply well-made and heavy. I need those extra minutes, they think I’m sleeping. Shhh…mama’s asleep. Instead I […]

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I have a few moments to myself this morning, although no doubt there are things I could be doing, things I will get to later today, ones scribbled on the back of a catalog that I’ve not yet perused and likely won’t. My “desk” (soon to be the dining table in the Airstream) is covered in notebooks […]

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An entire month has gone by since my last entry here, and that’s not at all surprising. August has been an absolute whirlwind, with my daughter starting school, E returning to teach, and getting our Airstream funding in place – the work has been nonstop. We are eating, breathing, and dreaming all things Airstream right […]

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  • I love your last paragraph…I am embarking on an airstream renovation project and those words will resonate as I fumble through the process. Your designs are really beautiful…can’t wait to see what you do with this one!ReplyCancel

    • Kate

      Thank you so much, Peggy. I wish you the very best of luck – please email me if you have any questions in the process. Any at all. I will do my best to help!ReplyCancel