Birch & Pine: An Introduction to Our Blog

Today I felt a pressing need to clearly state our goals and aspirations for Birch & Pine: think of this as an introduction to our blog and how we would like to dedicate the use of this space. When we first started talking about blogging, we felt that it would be solely to share about our travels, yet as time has gone on and we've found ourselves not yet on the road, I felt myself still wanting to start a blog. I've always wanted to have a lifestyle journal, yet the time never seemed quite right before. It's taken me several years to figure out the angle I wanted to take, and how I wanted to present my work. I didn't want to limit myself too much, which is why I felt like a lifestyle blog was the right choice, and because at some point in the future we will be living on the road full-time, I wanted the blog to be versatile with the ability to evolve as we do: we could easily start it prior to traveling and then make the transition to blogging from the road when we cross that bridge.

As I gathered possible topics to write on and photograph, I felt it was best to give ample variation of subject matter and settled on the following: life at home, in whatever form that may take for us, the cohesion and relation of design and functionality, essays on intentional quotidian living and the necessity of effort and raw work, the occasional recipe, table styling, the art of paring down, a regular Artists & Makers series to feature creatives with clean, utilitarian aesthetics, and other general inspirations on occasion: books, colors, interesting articles.

We want to continually strive to be humble in our efforts, images, and our writing: while we will, of course, curate the content of this blog with intention and do our best to make it an aesthetically pleasing space, we don't want our readers to think we are elusive and untouchable, because we are just people, flawed and regular. We are not wealthy, our clothes and belongings are mostly from thrift stores, and when we can't afford something we love, we figure out how to make it. You'll find a very real and honest portrait of our lives, and we truly hope to find connection and community through this journal.

We are strongly committed to leading lives of intention, and this blog is simply our vessel for sharing our life(style) with the hopes that we all can strive to find beauty in the everyday, understand that the simple life doesn't translate to the easy life, transcend the expected, reach outside the boundaries of convention, extract us from the confines of excessive consumerism, shop small and/or local, celebrate and support artisans and thoughtful, true-quality craftsmanship, reconsider the way we communicate and relate to one another, and redefine the modern homestead.