Building My Capsule Wardrobe

Have you guys heard of the capsule wardrobe? My friend Jessica is blogging about building her own capsule wardrobe and through her experience, I was introduced to the Un-Fancy blog. I'd heard the term capsule wardrobe tossed around before, but wasn't quite sure what it entailed. In support of my own efforts to become (my version of) minimalist, I thought I should check it out in the hopes that I'd find some direction for my personal wardrobe struggle...I touched on this a few posts ago when I counted all the things in our house. I was definitely feeling that my 82 items of clothing (outside of whatever was in the wash that day, so perhaps closer to 90), was far more than I was willing to have around. Getting dressed is often frustrating, and I get annoyed when I have to stuff my clothes into dresser drawers or move a lot around just to put away clean laundry.

Looking at the numbers, I don't have a lot of clothing: that number includes socks, bras, underwear, dresses, a swimsuit, pants and tops for all seasons. Yet for me, for my well-being, I still have a wardrobe that doesn't reflect who I am or what I truly love to wear. It's less about the number and more about the emotion behind the clothing items I've purchased. The number exists as it is because I don't have a full understanding of my personal tastes. I'm still very much influenced by social media and fashion trends, emotional shopping, and a great sale at J. Crew announced via a bright, poppy email in my inbox. Instead of diving deeper and asking myself questions about what I truly love, I continue to let others tell me what I should have. As an experiment, I'm going to try the Un-fancy method of the capsule wardrobe, following the rules to a tee in hopes that I will find clarity. Being that the summer solstice was just two days ago, I'm going to work through my clothing today (no waiting!) for the summer season and be sharing my experience with building my capsule wardrobe here on the blog. Be back in a few days with my initial findings! Interested in joining me? Leave a comment below!