Last spring, we had the pleasure of meeting Travis and Lauren, of Small Room Collective. This dynamic couple travels the country hauling their renovated 1963 Airstream Globetrotter behind them, which serves as both their home and their mobile shop. They carry art, music, and found vintage goods they gather from their travels. We love the unique platform that they give to artists, by taking their work to the road and reaching constantly changing audiences across this vast and varying country.

When we met Travis and Lauren, it was seemingly by chance. We had decided to travel only a few months prior and had just settled on purchasing a vintage Airstream for ourselves when I was scrolling through Instagram, trying to find and connect with other travelers for advice and general outlook on the lifestyle. I came across SRC and it just so happened that they'd be rolling through our home city of Lexington, Kentucky in just two days...and they'd be parked in front of a restaurant we'd been meaning to try for quite some time, selling their wares and connecting with folks. So we went for dinner and then introduced ourselves and shared our travel goals (quite timidly, I might add!), and ended up spending about an hour or so with them, chatting about life on the road and some technical aspects of Airstream living. I snapped quite a few photos and Travis and Lauren have used a few on their website, which I love!

These two were the first travelers we met in person, and were so warm and welcoming. They didn't seem to mind our incessant (and come to think of it, probably silly and naive) questions, and our daughter took to sweet Lauren immediately (and to this day talks about Lauren and the little pink whale straw she gave to Adelaide). Thinking back on that evening now, it was exactly what we needed and pushed us even more to get going on our dream of traveling in a vintage and restored Airstream...about six weeks later, we found our Airstream and drove over twenty hours round trip to buy it. To meet them in person and see their Airstream in the physical, to step inside it, to see the ease of which they conversed with others and how relaxed they seem to be in their nomadic life gave us confidence in our decisions to leave behind the 9-to-5 and get out there. We knew we had a long road ahead of us to get to where they were, but it was completely inspiring, and we are so thankful for them. They have been wonderful encouragements to us, cheering us on when we bought the Airstream and in our renovations, and I can't wait to see them again one day soon out on the road and thank them in person for being, even if unintentionally, the very people we needed to meet at that point in our journey. Please visit their website and find them on Instagram and follow and support their travels and shop!