Fog at Buntzen

In the coming weeks, I will be releasing images here on the blog that I always intended to share, yet time to bury myself under a pile of editing escaped me while out on the road. I have a bit of time now that we've found ourselves stationary for a month in Northern California. I began by sorting through the images in chronological fashion, yet the task of it was overwhelming. We've been on the road for five months now...and with that and my penchant for snapping the shutter has me working through thousands of photographs. It made more sense to cull with my mood, or how I feel about a certain place or time, which allows the process to become pleasurable and interesting - and actually gets the images from the camera to this space. So while the photographs may not appear in the order they were taken, they will be making their way here. Buntzen Lake / Vancouver, British Columbia / July 2015