On the Lake

Summarizing it all is proving to be difficult. There were these sequences of events, this overwhelming rush to finish this and that and say these goodbyes and we were sweating in the Kentucky heat, that late May surge of warmth where the nights bring relief but the days are muggy and nearly unbearable, and then we were pulling away from the curb and yelling loudly because that's all we knew to do in that moment, and we drove through town and didn't look back. It's deeper than that, I could go on for so long, and maybe one day I will. For now, for now it's this. The lake, the quiet rains, the Northern breezes, the mosquitos, the late dinners, thick and strong coffee in the mornings, paddles, afternoon cocktails, time together, time to breathe.

We're sleeping twelve or thirteen hours at night, this proverbial catch up, sinking so deeply into the musty smelling pillows and sheets, everything is a bit dank and damp here on the water, it's familiar and heady. The sunsets have been rich and warm, the sunrises cool and stretching. We reunited with my sister, her first time up here, and it was lovely.

So many images taken, but we're attempting to rest and not work too much, not yet. Next week is the time for work, we have Airstream tasks and we're planning our trek back to the States. For now, just this - these evenings on the water.