On the Road with Bridge & Burn

birch_and_pine_road_trip_with_bridge_and_burn I have been a longtime admirer of Bridge & Burn, a clothier based out of Portland, Oregon, since I first discovered their simple, straightforward, often androgynous line a few years ago. It's not very often that my wife and I can both shop at the same store and find pieces we absolutely love, so when Bridge & Burn reached out to partner with me here on the blog about their upcoming spring and summer lines, I enthusiastically jumped on board. Our upcoming road trip was on the horizon, so I packed the pieces in my bag and set out on the road, and I can't say enough about the versatility and ease of the pieces this company has to offer. The lines are classic, clean, and yet approachable and easy to wear, perfectly suited to the traveler.For starters, the Fairmont Spring Jacket in gray was a lifesaver - in March, even in the California desert, the minute the sun dipped below the horizon, the cold would set in. I even slept in the jacket a few extra chilly nights, it was that comfortable! I loved the pockets - doubled up pockets with snaps so I could store my phone, lens cap, film, and chapstick in the top pockets securely on hikes, while able to tuck my hands in the side pockets to stay warm. It was flattering on, feminine yet sturdy, and took the intense wear as I slept, cooked, hiked, set up camp, and frolicked around. The fabric snagged on scraggly bushes countless times and didn't rip...although I can't say the same for my bare feet, I'm still baring some gnarly scratches from running around in the hi-dez, tipsy on cheap boxed wine.

If you haven't already...go buy a BURN tee right this minute. This shirt is by far the most comfortable tee I've ever worn...in fact, I wore it for the majority of our trip, stink and all - it was just too damn good. I washed it the minute I got home so I could put it back on the next morning. I'll for sure be buying more of Bridge & Burn's tees, which are all pretty darn adorable.

This top was perfect for the wonderful summery days we experienced in White Sands and Joshua Tree, ideal to shade my pale winter skin from the always-stronger-than-you-expect desert sun, but the breathable white cotton fabric keeping me nice and cool. This was also my go-to top when we stopped in various towns to pick up supplies, just for a quick put-together look (although my unwashed hair and dirty feet weren't fooling anyone).

Lastly, this dress...when I received it in the mail, I told Ellen that it was so me. Structured, somewhat fitted, yet still loose enough to be casual and versatile. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed in the starchiness of the fabric at first, but it has softened after a few wears and washes. It's the perfect spring dress, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing it often this season on date nights out grabbing cocktails downtown, on Saturday mornings at the farmers' market with my little family, and for hosting dinners in the backyard with friends.

Outside of a few other pieces, namely a pair of leggings, a grey sweatshirt, my Ace & Jig pants, and my vintage jean shorts, I wore the four pieces you see here for the majority of the sixteen days spent on the road...I didn't need much else at all. Find these pieces and the rest of the Bridge & Burn spring line right here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Pinterest (love their boards!).

*This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own, obviously - I just admitted to my clumsy tipsy desert runs in bare feet and the stench of no showers for days on end.