Seventeen Days

I am sitting in a nearly empty house this morning. I drank my coffee on the bare living room floor early, my daughter at my right and the dog at my feet. When we speak now, our voices echo against the emptiness, when the morning light stretches in through the windows it is unimpeded by things, it just reaches across the room and washes it with warm tones. With just seventeen days until we leave this beautiful space, I needed to take some time this morning away from the lists and tasks and just be with this beloved home of ours. It has been so good to us and for us.

I am pulling the last things from the house and taking them to the Airstream, there aren't many. Each one has meaning, is beautiful, useful, or breathes light and life into our new home. As we wrap up a year and four months of endless preparation, both physically and mentally, we are faced with a list that feels never ending, and at times, it's so much that we can't even process the massive life shift that is happening. For so long, it was just this elusive idea. We had no idea that our traveling dream would actually come true, all we could do was keep our heads down, work hard, patiently wait, and have faith. And now, it's here. We are moving into the Airstream for good in just a few weeks now.

We have put in the time, our bodies are worn from the physical labor, our muscles visible, our jeans falling off our hips, our legs and arms bruised, our hands cut and calloused. We are mentally exhausted from the never ending stream of thoughts, managing finances and tasks and appointments. Our emotions are peaked from the roller coaster that has been selling our house. We are finishing up at our jobs, saying goodbyes to friends and family, and somehow managing to still get sleep, eat, and love on our daughter and each other. Our sleep is interrupted by stress, waking in the middle of the night with a solution for an issue we are facing in the Airstream or crazed nightmares where things aren't finished in time.

Yet amidst all of this chaos, there is a stillness and peace that comes from this simple fact: we are ready.

We'll see you on the road.