Spiced Medjool Date & Vanilla Almond Creamer

I have been a vegetarian for nearly nine months now, and at the beginning of extricating myself from a life of eating meat at nearly every meal, or feeling that it was some sort of requirement for a well-rounded plate, I went completely vegan. For several months,  I was incredibly strict on myself. Not only was I not eating meat, I cut out dairy, refined sugars, and gluten. At first, I absolutely loved it. I was in the kitchen, creating incredibly vibrant, colorful, spiced meals. And then slowly but surely, I began to miss having a wedge of hard parmesan in the refrigerator, or a bit of gouda with olives and capers. So after some careful thought about my diet, which is purely for health issues, I decided that I'd allow the occasional dairy back into my diet, yet I try to limit that to quality cheeses, and still use alternative milks for cream, homemade soups and ice cream, even my morning cereal. So when Tiffany Mitchell, of the blog Offbeat + Inspired, posted a recipe for Medjool Date and Vanilla Bean Cafe un Lait de Coco, I knew I had to give it a try. I rushed to Whole Foods and bought some dates...and then didn't make the creamer as I thought I would - yesterday, in a burst of inspiration, I rushed into my kitchen and put an autumnal spin on the recipe, with ingredients I had on hand. I tend to balk at overly sweet anything, so I knew that the coconut milk wasn't an option for me - I chose unsweetened almond milk instead.

I had so much fun creating and styling this creamer, so after posting a story on the Steller app, I decided to add a section on the blog for food and drink and post the recipe within this space. I cook often and have been asked in the past to share my recipes, but felt that I shouldn't, being that I've had no formal training and cooking is something I just do, however, perhaps it's time to share.

My take on this vegan coffee creamer is listed below, both ingredients and directions.

Spiced Medjool Date & Vanilla Almond Creamer

Serves 6, in coffee

Two Medjool dates, pitted

Splash of pure vanilla extract, organic

1/2 c. raw or minimally processed almond milk

Dash of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom

Puree in blender or food processor until smooth and frothy. Use right away or chill overnight, covered.

Enjoy in a cup of rich, hot coffee or pour over cold brew and ice.