Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Part I

I am five days into my summer capsule wardrobe experiment...and so far, so good. I had to do a quick recount once, when I realized I'd forgotten about some clothes in the dryer. I added two of those things to my total, which is now at the maximum number of items allowed (37, listed below to keep me accountable). I am hoping to spend a little birthday money next month and replace a few items that are worn out or too big, just freshening up my closet a bit without dipping into our monthly expenses or savings (remember, not only are we simplifying...we are working toward becoming completely debt-free!). Until then, I'm wearing what I have already in order to stay cool in this heat wave and today I'm listing my pros and cons of this experiment so far: The Pros: It's been nice to see my seasonally appropriate items hanging in the closet and folded in my drawers at a glance. Everything looks so coordinated and I like what I see, making it so much easier to get dressed in the morning. I also put together an outfit I've never worn before, so I'm getting more creative with mixing and matching already.

The Cons: I am a little perplexed on what to do when packing for our annual trip to Canada. We spend two weeks at our family cottage on the water, and it can get pretty chilly up north. I usually pack a sweater, a flannel, a fleece, and a rain jacket. The weather can be fairly unpredictable there, unlike summer in the Midwest - which is always hot, humid, and nearly unbearable. The rules of the experiment stated that I needed to take into account all trips I'd be embarking on when choosing my items for my seasonal capsule, but what about the trips that take you into entirely different climates? Keeping four cold-weather items out for only two weeks of the three months in my summer capsule felt like a bit much, considering the space that could be left for tank tops and cutoffs for the 90+ degree temperatures at home. I think I will evenly swap out items I'd never wear in Canada (like my silk blouse or tailored trousers) for some warm clothes I'll need while at the lake.

All in all, this has been really exciting for me! I particularly enjoy addressing the areas of my wardrobe that need updating. I've never been great at noticing when things are worn out or too big, but narrowing things down and having less to choose from shines light on the problem areas (especially since I've worn the same well-used, two-sizes-too-big tank top three times already). So far, I haven't missed any of the items I put in the box labeled 'maybe' (nor can I remember what I put in there). Have any of you checked out the capsule experiment and/or started it?