Tomorrow, for us, marks two months as Airstream-dwelling nomads. We’ve been living and learning in less than one-hundred and sixty square feet and have migrated from a small-town in Kentucky to the great Pacific Northwest, and have been spending our days under blankets of fog and towering trees in old growth forests.

Our days are long, spent mainly outside, and as one could imagine, it’s quite a bit of work to live on the road. Each task, from our waking moments to bedtime, is quite involved. There’s always something to do – even the very act of cooking takes more effort than it used to, and there is firewood to be chopped, tanks to empty and fill, cleanup to do, driving, a campsite to find. We always sneak in time to exercise: morning yoga, an afternoon hike or swim, or a bike ride around the campground or nearest town. By day’s end, we are spent - so wonderfully, utterly exhausted that we can’t help but fall into bed…and we fall into some seriously comfortable beds each night.tuft_and_needle_collaboration_birch_and_pine

We are extremely thankful for our collaboration with Tuft & Needle, who graciously provided the mattresses for our Airstream home. We were on the hunt for the perfect mattress: a versatile, comfortable, clean lined, ethically produced, green mattress that was exactly five inches thick. Our list was long and detailed, and we weren’t willing to compromise on any of our requirements. Enter Tuft & Needle, a small company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with materials sourced right here in the United States and ethical practices you can be certain of, as everything is laid out in black and white on their website.

tuft_and_needle_collaboration_birch_and_pineThe mattress comes in two options (5-inch or 10-inch thickness) and best of all, there’s no ridiculous markup. These extremely comfortable, modern mattresses are priced affordably and honestly while offering a high-end product that you want to have in your home: we absolutely love our beds, which are ideal for our tiny home on wheels, and just couldn’t be happier with our good nights’ sleep.


*This post was in collaboration with Tuft & Needle. We did receive products in exchange for promotion, but all opinions and words expressed here are our own. We lived with and slept on the mattresses for two months before establishing our true opinions and writing this post to give our readers an honest review.