Wandrly + Birch & Pine

We met up with Nathan, Renee, and the rest of the Wandrly brood back in July - first by chance, although we had plans to meet further up the Oregon coast later on, we found ourselves parked next door to their bohemian, 1970s Airstream in Cannon Beach when we were unable to find any open camping. The last resort made us neighbors for a few days, so we got a head start on getting to know these amazing folks - and on my 30th birthday, no less. We apparently had too much fun that night after we put the kids to bed, as we were hushed by Old Sourface next door (my not-so-nice nickname for our tent camping neighbor who had a perpetual look of annoyance written across her face) and the police were called. Our fireside chatting must've looked just fine to the cop that drove in, slowed down to look at our group, and then mo on.

After a few days hiatus, we met back up in Fort Stevens and spent a few days enjoying slow mornings with coffee and the kids (Ellen included) playing with Legos at our feet. We explored the shipwreck on the nearby beach, took a long hike, took it easy around the campfire at night and chatted about life and travel over beers, and on our last night some fellow travelers joined our little group for a potluck cooked over the fire, complete with hobo dinners, paella, Renee's artichoke dip (which I still dream about)...paired with plenty of booze and jokes.

There is a complete lack of pretentiousness with these folks: they are salt-to-the-earth, good, honest, real people - and when we parted ways (after a hitch-up tsunami-zombie preparedness race), we felt that we'd found honest friendship and community in them all. Big thanks to the Wandrly crew, and if you get a chance, please check out Wandrly Magazine and their Instagram accounts, including an article of us they posted right as we got on the road that we love!