In the spirit of attempting to navigate the unknown and vastly changed world of blogging, and wanting to bring more to this space than just decorating tips and recipes (which I definitely love, or wouldn't do otherwise), I wanted to add these weekly links to articles, products, other blogs, interesting projects, music, or films that I've discovered and feel like sharing and passing on. I follow a couple bloggers who do this, and I always appreciate said posts and tend to find stuff that I truly have enjoyed reading, watching, listening to, or have made me laugh on an otherwise sleepy, drank too much wine last night and I need all the coffee kind of Saturday morning where my daughter bounces out of bed like a piece of toast from an overly enthusiastic toaster. Enjoy my first round of links, some of which may be old news to you and me both, but there's just so much out there to absorb, yeah?

  • I've been obsessed with Shovels & Rope since that day I was reading Jessica's blog or Instagram or something, on a long stretch of New Mexico highway, hurtling towards California, and she mentioned that she'd found the band that would be her summer soundtrack. They quickly became our 'summer soundtrack', and then our fall and winter and everything else, and not even a few days go by without one of us in the house throwing on some of their songs. They have two albums as Shovels & Rope, and then another prior, but most recently, The Moving Picture Boys released a seriously inspiring documentary about their life as quite possibly the most amazing and inspiring band of all time (ok, so those are my words but they are really are that good). I'm not kidding, you guys...go watch it. We bought it and have watched it multiple times since it's release on December 1st, and felt even more strongly about our decision to travel afterward, and felt a stronger urge and motivation to make it happen after watching. Here's the trailer, and you can stream it instantly from the website.
  • Lately, I can't stop reading the Modern Love Essays column from The New York Times. Perhaps I'm behind on this, I discovered it sometime in the last year, but hey...there's something new to learn everyday for everyone. I absolutely love a good, real life love story, and the perspectives and characters are all so beautifully different.
  • My wife isn't much of a television person, and while I do have shows I watch again and again, I rarely branch out and try anything new - and we don't even own a television, we only watch via Netflix. A few shows we've both been completely engrossed in were Mad Men (we've not seen the last season yet!), Orange is the New Black, and The Killing. We most recently started watching The Bletchley Circle on Netflix, and have been taking our time getting through it (there aren't many episodes, which is actually kind of a relief...I hate how easily we'll get sucked into a show and forget to live a real life for a few days or weeks as we race through the seasons). It's terribly well done and the sets and scenes are so damn lovely.
  • I've decided that linen sheets are a must have. I've wanted them for years - in fact, as a child I wanted them. I used to pore over home design books at the local library, envisioning the cozy modern farmhouse I'd one day have (I was wayyyy ahead of the curve on that one!), and all of the photos of the bedrooms would have these luxurious, natural, perfectly messy and crumpled linen sheets. We finally splurged and bought some seriously decadent linen sheets for ourselves as a Christmas gift and I'm never, ever going back. We bought different pieces to mix and match from here and here. Treat yo self.
  • We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live: once again, I know this is likely old news, but I've been seriously devouring Joan Didion's work lately. You can only read so many quotes from the same woman that resonate so damn deeply in your soul before picking up some copies of her work. Although I'm left wondering what all of my English Lit professors were thinking in never assigning any of her texts in class...either way, there is a documentary being made about Joan's life and work and I for one, cannot wait to see it. View the trailer here (Kickstarter ends on 12/21/14).
  • Josh and Jessica of The Native Two are Nashville natives who just recently spent four months living on the road...out of the back of their truck. We are constantly being encouraged by these two, not just through their imagery, but the kind and inspiring words they consistently leave for us on our Instagram account, really fantastic words that help keep us plugging away at our Airstream renovation. We've not yet met in person, but I definitely consider them friends and know we're gonna hit it off when we finally meet one day - hopefully while all out traveling!
  • The Girl Who Married A Bear, a blog by Milla Prince, a Finnish gal living on an island in the Salish Sea off the Washington State coast. I found this blog through another fantastic blog a few days ago and cannot stop reading. I immediately sent the link to my aunt, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and runs a small eco-press and has written books herself, one of which I couldn't put down last year. I knew my aunt would appreciate Milla's no-nonsense, no-holds barred writings, stances on climate change, and her hardworking, living-off-the-land life. It's refreshing to read someone's writing that is so decidedly original and unapologetic, and her imagery is on point. I have been questioning my own writings lately and my reasons for starting this blog, which started to sway a bit toward a style that isn't quite my own, and reading Milla's blog reinforced my reasons and struck a chord to make some change, especially while this blog is still yet so young. My wife and I dream of living a quieter, more self-sustaining existence one day, and Milla's words and images furthered that dream in my heart. Go read Milla's blog!
  • These candles. Enough said. Okay, no really. I love soy candles and their cleaner burn, and I've never found a better smelling one in prettier packaging. The P.F. Candle Co., based in L.A., is officially my go-to for candles. Perfection in a little brown glass jar.

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