...sometimes I cry to sentimental songs written for "epic" children's movies, like Circle of Life from The Lion King or lately, Try Everything from Zootopia. Sometimes the truth of the songs, the message, gets in deep as I drive the five minutes from home to school, Adelaide jamming in the backseat. I never put the songs on without her request, and normally there's something else playing, anything from Willie to Rosemary, and then she asks and on the right day, in the right weather, in a strange sort of mind, my eyes crinkle at the corners. 

I kept failing today, dropping things, spilling my coffee, every camera battery in the house was dead and I had content to produce, and then I went for a run to beat the rain that didn't show until hours later, and the run was shit. I wanted to cry and my injury was flaring up and everything hurt. I limped home, wanting to give up, and curled up in my bed and watched Girlboss and felt sorry for myself, and then I jumped up and kept pressing on anyway, realizing that yesterday, when I had shit and puke to keep me company during a bout of food poisoning (thank you leftover bolognese), I managed to grocery shop, work, drop off and pick up, carry on playground conversation, make calls, and make signs to Save the Bugs for my little advocate, our sweet seven year old that doesn't want the bugs to be squished, but to be carted outside and given life. Isn't this what we do? We really do keep on, and as overplayed as that sign was, keepin' on is really what so much of life is.