I woke at five-forty-five this morning, for no particular reason. It must be nerves, was the first thought, yet my stomach felt calm and my mind clear. I'm just...ready. 

The last three months of meetings, emails, website and brand development, marketing, and what seems like endless sprints to catch up with our business, which took off, seemingly without us, really begins. The first client of four so far, and today marks the day the next year and a half of renovations begins. I suppose it's difficult to sleep until seven-thirty, the time my alarm goes off daily, on a day like today. While it may be another day to so many, today is the day that I'm no longer saying I am starting a business. I'm now able to say I run a business. 

There hasn't been much time for pause, but as I ran the polisher over the aluminum skin of our Airstream this past week, there was finally, even though I was still working, time to think. It's fairly mindless work, and the minutes and hours fly by as the disc cuts the coarse grit into the metal and as it works away, the shine appears. Most of my thoughts were, as they are, directed towards the business, and our first clients, and design work for other clients, and how to structure our services even better as we're moving forward. Yet finally, in this moment of clarity, just before the sky began to cloud and later opened up, sending us in a rush to pull power tools under shelter, I felt a gentle reminder that this entire business is so much more than just another business: for me, and for Ellen, it's the culmination of so much in our adult lives, things we'd had no idea were leading us to this niche interest and market.

We've not just been working toward this idea for the last three months, we've been working toward this for the last three years, from that moment we decided to travel. I've tried and failed and tried again and failed and tried again...for the last seven years in various creative and artistic endeavors. Ellen has spent the last decade teaching others to love art, just waiting for the day when she could work with her own hands, creating and making her art, even though she wasn't yet sure what that was. 

Now we know. Now we are up before the sun, on this day. She joined me, our hands wrapped around our thick mugs of steaming coffee, the sounds of the masses heading to work out our window, tires sloshing through the puddles from the overnight rain. We aren't saying much, I am here and writing and she's designing electrical systems, and the babies are all still asleep.