Somewhere in the Land of Peace

Northern British Columbia, Peace Region Having coffee on the road this morning, somewhere in the northernmost section of the Rocky Mountains. The pines are thick needled, rich in color, the deepest green. They are minty-edged, tall, untouched, unscathed. The birches and aspens edged out miles ago but you see them on occasion and they are lovely.

Mossy rock and pure white meadows of flowers, turquoise rivers. The charcoal grays and black soils are heady, moist. Each turn brings a new dramatically cut mountain or sequences of mist-shrouded lines, a softly jagged edge of pine blurring into a defined bit against the sky.

I needed to write it here, while in it - my cameras weren't adequate enough. I rested them on my lap and pulled out my pencil and journal. I needed some record of this drive, the sights of it on this chilly, rainy, northernmost morning.